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Hello viewers! Finally, more new photos!
Each album is a work in progress, now that I've a place to put them up, maybe some will get there!
Click each link to view individual albums

The "E" Litter Growing Up

The "F" Litter Growing UpNew! 8-02-08

The "G" Litter Growing UpNew! 25-12-07

Captured moments at Shows/Show Photos

PHS at the beachNew! 20-03-08

The Proud Family Hanging Out...New! 20-03-08

Past Litters
Bill ex Chloe, "E" litter
Bill ex Chloe, "F" litter
Magnum ex MissY, "G" litter
Bill ex Scout, 2005
Cody ex Chloe, "J" litter
Bill ex Chloe, "K" litter
JayDee's Proud-Haus Shepherds
Jen Proud, CVT, TCVM VTS
Montello, WI
608.618.K911 (5911)