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Keeper winning 4th place and his FO title at 2008 Premier

Keeper 1 week before turning one year old... leggy teenager!

Well, where does one start when making a page for hardly a baby?
I had always said that I would keep a puppy from Bill's last litter, as I had often been questioned as to why I didn't have any Bill kids in my household. Unexpectedly, Bill's life was lost in a horrible accident over the winter of 2007, eight days before Keeper's litter was born... When it came to the breeding happening at all, I had to be talked into the breeding by everybody I knew; as with life's changes, and having to work outside of the home, I had felt it just wasn't the right time to breed for the past year and a half before that; yet here I have multiple breeding dogs (just thinking of the girls, even!) whose breedings are passing them by each unbred year they have-- and if I wanted to continue breeding without adding even more risk than there already is, I'd better at least breed Chloe, as this was, after all, her FOURTH heat since her last litter (typically, a bitch is bred every other cycle, or ~once a year)...
I had even tried to limit the size of the resultant litter; I allowed Bill and Chloe only one breeding, on December 24th... and, I even think it worked.... only 7 puppies!! (Chloe has never had less than 10)... they were coming out, girl, boy, girl, boy... and I was thinking, "wow, a perfect, typical litter...", as often enough, we'd end up with an even split plus or minus one with our litters... statistics, right?!?!!?!? wrong! boy, boy, boy later, Chloe was done-- 5 boys and only the 2 girls! (the girls must concieve later, as this hasn't been the only time where the breedings were early in the cycle, and end up with a slew of boys... heee, heee!)
Not since their first litter, though, did we get a pup that quite looked, or behaved like Keeper does... and all the way until they were 6 weeks old, Keeps was my second pick.... go figure... he was such a funny looking little baby next to his siblings... smaller, whiter and with great-big eyes.... yet that same winning personality I had grown to love and know over the past five plus years before, he became our "Keeper".

Give God thanks for the unexpected treasures that befall our lives... and though, one can never replace the lost, I was gifted with a little boy whom I expect can fill some of the space left by his father, my pet and friend. I even hope little Keeps can become a good therapy/service dog, peformance and show dog, and an overall good ambassador for the White Shepherd, as Keeps displays the same wonderful qualities of his parents, both of whom really have profoundly impacted my life.

March, 2008-
I figure it's high time I start talking about Keeper himself... Already exceeding my expectations, Keeper was Best Puppy at our 2007 UWSC national specialty show; a nice way to start his conformation career! In October, we went out for one day of conformation; Keeps got BOW both shows, and show 1, went BOB and Herding Group 2 (over 3 of the Top Ten White Shepherds for 2007, and the winningest bitch in the breed's history-- his 3/4 sister). We haven't shown in conformation since... I haven't decided if he needs to finish his UKC CH before Premier, or AT Premier (and trying for a Total Dog Award, we're entering in Dog Sport!)....
We tried our hand at AKC Rally Novice the Friday after his 1st birthday... what a treat! A Qual with a 4th Place for his first RN leg! [plus, sisters Ceilidh and Kyndzie both earned 3rdsin their Novice and Advanced A classes, respectively.]

Keeper (or, affectionately known as "Son") has just blown me away in every way possible. He is the "Jack" baby I always dreamed of having when I got Bill. This lil' boy is ready to go 24/7! Son is small, like little even... right now about 24.5". What a pleasure, having a dog that will be correct in height.
Every day, my breath gets taken away from just watching him "on squirrel patrol" in the yard; his movement is breathtaking; something not often seen in our Whites. Clean, hard, balanced, I think he's the best driving White I've ever had, and really one of the best out there. Period.
Keeps has been training with me for service work (seizure alert/mobility assist,he learned early from the rest of the 'pack') since he was 6 months, and is good at it... his dad used to try to visit a little much in the Wal-Mart! Keeps is my guy right at my side, always ready to please!

Keeper's first day on the Gulf...
February, 2008

Keeper spends the day out in the woods...
May, 2007

UWSC specialty show at Premier, 2007; Best Novice Puppy in Show
Keeper's first conformation show-- Best Puppy in Show at our UWSC nationals!

Keeper's first pointed UKC shows, 14 October, 2007;
BOW, BOB(!) and a Group 2 his first show, BOW the second