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Proud-Haus Shepherds
Home of the Total Dog you can be Proud of!!

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Follow the "E" litter while they grow...

Cobi at 8 weeks old. Cobi; Daddy's boy with that same dirty look-- 10 weeks old
Dakota and her housemate, Cody, a longcoat White Shepherd from Germany Dakota in her yard
Dakota on the gulf coast of Florida beach, where her and her family are frequently found...  11 weeks old Dakota peeking out from her
Callie in her backyard guarding the place!   10 weeks old
Callie napping; 10 weeks Hannah having fun in the yard
Hannah, named after her maternal great-grandmother, resting in her kitchen; too cute!  9-10 weeks old sweet, sweet Hannah!  12 weeks
Lazlo with his mum, Rachel.  ~11 weeks
Lazlo with his little girl, Raven out in the yard Callie laying near the air vent at home!  3 months old
Elsie at 10 weeks, taking a dip in the Gulf Future GRCH Elsie at home with family, Benny and CH & Multi group winner Daphne
Elsie in her lounging chair, 14 weeks old Jackson resting in the shade  14wks
Future FO CH Mother and Son (Jackson) cool out for a bit
Elsie, cute and slow on the uptake! Elsie having a chill in the grass for a moment
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