Proudly Presenting The O Litter
Born on the 6th of January, 2010
6 Fat Little White Boys!

Meet our Parents:

Matthew Jada
In Our Birth Order...
  • 500am
  • 515am
  • 537am
  • 613am
  • 818am
  • 846am
Red was Blue Collar
Green Collar
Orange was Purple Collar
Silver Collar
Blue was Blue Check Collar
Black was Black Check Collar
Orion "Rion"
Obadiah "Obie"
Osmar "Ossie"

Our Life Between 3 & 4 Weeks Old...

The Puppies at 1 week old... sleeping and GROWING at the same time!
JayDee's Proud-Haus Shepherds
Jen Proud, CVT, TCVM VTS
Montello, WI
608.618.K911 (5911)