Proud's Rumour Has It....
Jada's FIRST conformation show--  Reserve Winners at the UWSC national specialty!

Jada, out of our top bitch, Chloe, is the last born pup of a German import White Shepherd, "Cody", and our pick female from that litter of 6 girls and 4 boys, and our first litter with Longstock coated dogs. I had chosen her father, Cody, because of his working ability and his background full of working/performance dogs, especially in the dog sports; that I had wanted to test Chloe for the long-coat gene (which I was 99% positive she carried from her father), I was looking for a substantial looking longstock (longcoat with undercoat, as compared to long coat=longcoat without undercoat) dog, and looking for different bloodlines to add in my breeding programme. Jada is such a spunky little thing-- full of life, zest and energy, all while remaining a little lady-- which is so unlike her mom, the perpetual tomboy! Jada is that shocking snow white... so very pretty when paired with such wonderful black pigment in all the right places!
I think Jada will forever be a baby-- she just loves to hop up next to me and curl up for pets and love and attention, as she loves to please; in fact, she's been one of the most willing to train dogs I have of my own; happy just to be doing the 'right' thing to make me happy.
Currently, we're training for her first dog sport title (FO) with UKC, which we're going to give a whirl at this year's Premier...
Unfortunately, many things are limited to Jada, as she's only UKC registered--- the American Kennel Club doesn't recognize the White Shepherd as an individual breed, although they register whites as GSDs, they don't grant papers to WSs in any form from overseas.
Even with the limited opportunities Jada has, I couldn't have been more pleased with that I bred her litter and decided to keep her! (even though she's a very opinionated and noisy and talkative girl!)
Jada's littermates are excelling in herding, rally and agility-- thank you to those owners helping our wonderful Whites to shine!
June 2007
Congrats to Jada at Premier, her first dog shows!
Jada earned her FO title in Dog Sport, and Reserve Best Female twice: at our Annual Specialty show, and at Friday's Premier shows
July 2007
Jada earns her first Major Win towards her UKC Championship with a Best of Winners in Ixonia, WI.
October 2007
Jada earns her second major win towards her UKC Championship with a Best Female in Elburn, IL.
Jada earns her second Major win towards her UKC championship

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