JayDee's PHS Calendar of Events
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Upcoming Events & Results for 2023
January-April...Ted and Tali have been working hard at AKC Rally in April!
Ted finished his Intermediate title, and completed both his Advanced & Excellent titles. He has been volunteering as a therapy dog, earning his THD. Also, he's been practicing his tricks, and has his Trick Dog Intermediate title now too!
Tali, never to be outdone, completed her Rally Advanced and also her Excellent title with ease. Of course, baby brother couldn't have all the fun, so she also earned her Trick Dog Novice title in January & her Intermediate level in April. What a busy early spring they have had!
5-7 May... Come see Tali & Ted down in Stoughton, WI for some Fast CAT! They will be making their AKC debut in coursing... sure to burn it up!
12-14 May... More Fast CAT in Oshkosh, WI--hosted by Irish Setter Club of Greater Milwaukee. Let's see if these Two GSDs won't be some of the fastest dogs there!
What fun we had! Since all profits from these trials were being donated to AKC CHF for cancer research, we entered RuthY for Saturday/Sunday & Shay for Sunday too! Ted, Tali and Winston all earned their BCAT titles, and we found how scary it must be for a stranger to see Shay on the run coming at them... the lure manager at catch end moved out the way LOL We're so looking forward to doing some more in July!
11 June... Xeke is going to take a practice spin in conformation at Amherst Junction, WI to get ready for his real shows at Premier and spend a little one on one time with Jen getting to know her. It will be a nice easy twirl in the puppy matches, as he & his sister will be only 3 days away from turning 6 months old. Come by and give him a pet while you're there...
Xeke had lots of fun & we got in some rally practice for next week
15 June... Ted is entered in the UKC Top Ten competition--Tali is spectating for the shows that Jen is only one person & Ted finished 2022 at #2 he gets to show. Though Tali was #10, Ted is definitely more the "showy" kind of dog... Ted won the Top Ten Award of Excellence behind Jazz, owned by Vicki Jensen. (they won the specialty show too... Congratulations!)
16-17 June... We came we saw we had fun! Tali, Ted, and his two kids, "Phoenix" & "Xeke" outdid even my expectations for the Premier shows. Tali finished up that obedience title with two first placements, and got a good hard look in the Grand ring. Xeke qualified in rally both Friday & Saturday--at 6 months & 2-3 days old!!! Phoenix was Best Female/Best of Winners Friday, and Best Female Saturday. Ted didn't do a ton in conformation this year except for when it counted for Total Dog Qualifier! (What matters more than Total Dog at Premier!?) He placed first both Friday & Saturday in Pre Novice, with scores of 196.5/195. 25 June... Ted, Tali ∓ Phoenix went up to Antigo, WI for Farm Dog and Canine Good Citizen Testing. Ted earned his Farm Dog Certified & Canine Good Citizen Advanced; Tali picked up the same plus her CGC finally getting to a test! And Phoenix earned through her CGCA, being too young to try farm dog certification tests.
7-9 July... Come Fast CAT with us in Oshkosh at the Northern Flyaway Golden Retriever Club Coursing Tests. Ted & Tali will be working on their DCATs and baby half sister, "Wren", will be taking her first runs.
21-23 July... Visit us at Marshfield Area Kennel Club where we'll be in the traditional obedience ring & running some Fast CATs! We might stick our nose into something else, but Ted & Tali will both be taking their first spins in the trad obedience ring at AKC shows.

Results for 2022 (partial--Feb-May not included)
15 June...Great Lakes German Shepherd Dog Club Specialty Show at Premier: Ted wins the large Grand Champion class and Best in Specialty Show!!! Tali wins the Champion of Champions, in an even larger class of Champions than the Grands. Ru won 1st in the Veteran Females class, and Best Veteran in Specialty Show. WOW! Thank you so very very much to judge Karen Cattin, and to the GLGSDC for putting on this show at Premier.
...16 June2021 Top Ten Invitational: Ted showed like the dog he is and won Top Ten Best of Breed, thank you judge Sandra Sproull-Kowalski. He made the cut in his semi-Finals group, but didn't make the finals, though some very lovely dogs did, all of whom placed in the Top Ten finals! We can never complain when losing to good dogs!
...17-19 June2022 Premier Nationals: Ted & Tali win it all! Friday, Tali won the Champions class and Best of Breed, while Ted won the Grand Champions class. Saturday Ted won the Grand Champions class, Best of Breed, and HERDING GROUP 1!!! Tali won the Champions class and finished her Grand Championship. Yay! She Qualified for TOTAL DOG by also qualifying in Rally 2. Sunday, Tali won the Champions class & Ted won the Grand Champions class and Best of Breed. They couldn't have done any better than they did!!!
17 July... Oshkosh Kennel Club, AKC Rally trials: Tali earned her first Rally Advanced leg, and Wicked Scout earned her Rally Novice title at only 11 months old! Good baby
25-28 August... Dodge County Canine Club, Ladysmith WI: A long weekend indeed! Ted & RuthY earned their URO2 titles, placing for all 3 legs--both of them! Tali earned UCD --Companion Dog title in traditional obedience, and all three of them picked up some breed points, with Tali & RuthY winning Group 1sts & Ted getting a Group 2nd.
9-11 September... Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association, Bemidji MN: On a whim, Tali showed in Rally 3 and earned her URO3 title with placements for all three legs. WOW! Ted, Tali & RuthY all earned their DASH titles, with Tali being 2nd fastest dog on Saturday by only 0.02 seconds. What a fast girl! She qualified for TOTAL DOG on Saturday, winning Best of Breed and a Herding Group 2 along with her qualifying score in Rally 3.
7 October... Illinois Toy Fox Terrier Association, Peoria, WI: Took Ted down for a quick one day spin, and he won Reserve Best In Show!
20-22 October... UKC Total Dog Invitational, Shreveport, LA: Ted & Tali went on vacay! Down to Shreveport to compete in the big show... Tali placed in all 3 of her performance events- (2 obedience trials and a rally trial) and won GROUP 1 in her conformation event. She outshone baby brother Ted, he qualified in 2 events (2 rally trials), and came so close in Beginer Novice obedience... had it until he went around the jump! ugh. He got a group 2 in conformation. On Saturday night, the points were totaled, and everyone in fancy dress for the tele: Tali placed 5th overall! WOW way to go Baby Dolly!!!!
10-11 December...Dodge County Canine Club, Jefferson, WI: Tali went out to hopefully grab some last breed top ten points and won Best of Breed each day over a very large entry... giving her a strong finish for the year in the 10th slot. Yay! The competition for the #10 was very strong; Tali secured her spot by only 4 points ahead of the next dog.
Results for 2021
7 November... Timber Ridge Dog Obedience Training Club is having AKC Tracking Trials! Come visit us there, & for more information, go to TROTC Rally & Obedience trials at Camp Bandy: Timber Ridge Dog Obedience Training Club
10-12 September... Off to far away places--Bemidji, MN to the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association's UKC shows with Ted & Tali for conformation & rally. Come visit us at the booth to buy your armband holders, custom t-shirts & other customizable products
Results: Ted finishes his Grand Championship in style winning Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, and Best in Show Total Dog!! He earned three Group 1sts and 2 group 4ths showing conformation 5 shows. He and big sister Tali paired up and won Best Brace in Show, and Reserve Best Brace in Show 3 times. Ted started & finished his URO1 with a 4th place and two 2nd places, both with perfect scores--earning 3 Total Dog awards and gaining his entry to the Total Dog nationals in this Regional Qualifying Event... and Tali was not to be outdone in Rally, with her winning 1st place with a perfect score with her one time entry and also getting a RQE to make her 5th Total Dog qualifier.
21 August...The "W" Litter arrives!!! 2 boys & 3 girls
31 July-1 August...American Belgian Malinois Club is hosting their annual Agility Trials in Amherst Junction, WI. Ru will be playing with the big kids in the Excellent classes, and Tali finally gets her Agility debut in Novice Standard! Hopefully they won't get the zoomies after being away for so long....
24 July...Marshfield Area Kennel Club, Marshfield, WI. Ted is making his AKC conformation debut! Maybe AKC will see the light & appreciate a moderate GSD?
12-13 June...Central Wisconsin Dog Club, Amherst Junction, WI. The three fools head out again, with Tali finishing the last points she needed for her Championship with a Best Female in show 1, Ted finished his in good style, winning Best of Winners/Best of Breed/Group 2 shows 1 & 2 on Saturday, and Sunday, winning the Champions class, Best of Breed and Group 1 shows 3 & 4. Sparrow won Best Female show 2, getting a major win for her Championship too!--it's so hard to be a small, black GSD...
8-9 May...We're back at it in UKC! What a marathon, but so many events are put on at the Dodge County Canine Club's shows! Tali, Sparrow, & Ted came out to show & Tali & Sparrow earned their URO1 titles with placements, Tali & Ted both earned their RACEN titles and 1st leg of their RACEA titles. Tali won best female all 4 shows and Best of Winners once; Ted won Best Male/Best of Winners twice plus Best of Breed once and a GROUP 1, and Sparrow won Reserve Best female twice! Sparrow and Tali earned the coveted TOTAL DOG AWARD both days! We were so happy to catch up with old long-time-unseen friends and to make new ones!
1-2 May...Ru entered Open Jumpers for the weekend up at the Timber Ridge Dog Training Club and earned her Open Atility Jumpers title! Finally outta purgatory, yay!
Events & Results for 2020
...It all went to hell in a handbasket for 2020 thanks to COVID...
Events & Results for 2017-9
9-16 October 2019...We packed up again and went to the GSDCA national specialty show in Loveland, CO. RuthY trialed her heart out, going all the way through her Open Agility titles, but didn't get the titles since it was one judge for all 4 days! UGH! We also showed for fun in Rally Advanced and Excellent, qualifying all those trials too. :)
sorry, we were terrible at keeping up this calendar!
Events & Results for 2016
7-15 October... JayDee's PHS packs up and goes to the GSDCA National Specialty Shows/Trials at Purina Farms in Grey Summit, MO. Hummer will be competing in Agility & Lure Coursing, and Ru will be competing in Agility and Traditional Obedience Trials plus Lure Coursing events. Come and see them work!
24-25 September... Hummer is starting in Excellent Jumpers-- with the hopes to finsh at News Flash!!! Hummer earns his Open Jumpers title, and his first leg towards his Open Standard title on his first try too... All with 1st places in each event! What a great weekend it was!!!
3-4 September... Hummer goes to Agility Trials back up at Camp Bandy in Amherst Junction, WI; let's hope he'll be getting that Open Jumpers title & be getting close to his Open Standard title-- wouldn't that be a great weekend?!?
12-19 August... Puppy Watch begins for RuthY! Wish her luck on her first litter... as of 18 July, it looks like she's going to have a nice-sized litter! yay!
13-14 August... Hummer goes to Agility Trials in Oshkosh, WI; hoping to title in Novice Standard and "do" the tire jump and qualify in Open Jumpers
2-3 July... Hummer goes to Agility Trials in Camp Bandee/Amherst Junction, WI; competing in both Standard & Jumpers With Weaves, and qualifies in Standard with a FIRST PLACE once again. He decided he would duck under the tire jump all of a sudden on his Jumpers run & NQed.
12-17 June... Matthew & RuthY were bred- litter expected 13-19 August... We can't wait
5 June... Hummer goes to Agility Trials in Middleton, WI; competing in both Standard & Jumpers With Weaves; and added NAJ to his titles list today with 2 First places in Novice Jumpers and his first leg in Standard, also with a First place! Great job Kayla & Hummer!!!!
28-29 May... Hummer goes to Agility Trials! He will be competing in both Standard and Jumpers With Weaves classes, starting on his NA & NAJ to add to his NJP. Hummer got 1st place in the Novice Jumpers class both days! One leg to go
15 May- RuthY finished her URO1 in style; a 1st Place with a perfect 100 show one, and a 99 and 3rd place for show 2; also getting a herding group 1 show one and her second TOTAL DOG QUALIFIER! That's my girls
14 May- Gracie finished her URO1 with a 2nd (score 96) and a 4th place (score 94), also a herding group 2 for show one, and got her first TOTAL DOG QUALIFIER! RuthY went BOB over a CH show 2, and got 1st Place (score 99), and earned her first TOTAL DOG QUALIFIER and HIGH IN TRIAL!!! Woo-hoo! THANK YOU to the Dodge County Canine Club for beautiful, well run shows & the wonderful prizes!
14-15 May... Gracie & RuthY are going to UKC shows! Saturday, both Gracie & RuthY are showing in 2 conformation shows, and 2 rally trials... both trying for total dog awards. Sunday, RuthY is doing it all over again, 2 conformation shows & 2 rally trials. We hope to finish Gracie's UKC CH and her URO1 on Saturday, and RuthY's URO1 on Sunday!
Results for 2015
16 October... The GSDCA NATIONAL RALLY TRIAL: RuthY wins 2nd place with a score of 96!!! (and a "bonus leg" on her Rally Advanced title) So proud of my little girl! She received many, many compliments on what a lovely bitch she is; even though she is an "all-breed" type at a "specialty" show. We also entered in the GSDCA National (Conformation) Breed Show in the Bred-By Exhibitor class-- though we did not place in a very competitive class of 12 bitches, she showed wonderfully and truly enjoyed herself. Thank you judge Vicki Roye for giving us a fair shake and a great experience!
15 October... RuthY earns her first qualifying leg towards her Coursing Ability title. She was the fastest GSD on the field for the day too! Once she saw a couple of other dogs chasing the "bunnies", she ran so fast she kicked dirt & dust to get them when it was her turn! LOL ALSO, RuthY earned her final leg towards her Rally Advanced title, getting a 3rd place, and a score of 89. Thank you Judge Diane Probst for qualifying her on her final leg of her RA title!
14 October... RuthY places 3rd in the National Amateur Maturity Finals. She finally figured out showing in the conformation ring might be okay and rather fun being in the big ring!
13-18 October... Watch for RuthY at the GSDCA "Big Shows", the GSDCA Nationals in Missouri! She'll be competing in the Amateur Maturity Final, 3 Coursing Ability Trials, 2 Rally Trials (supporting the National show with a 'bonus leg'), and of course, showing in the National conformation show from the Bred-By Exhibitor class. What a busy week! Somehow, we'll be attending the GSDCA Annual Meeting, as well as the 3rd quarter BOD meeting that we have reports to present too! Watch for her results here after the shows...
18 September... RuthY went for her health clearances today! So far, she has certified NORMAL OFA Cardiac, Patella, Full Dentition; Hips & Elbows are pending certification from the OFA. Also, the "kennel" got sent in for their Cardiac & Dentition clearances with hers, so Chloe, Hollie, Matthew, Hummer, & Gracie will have their Normal Cardiacs/Dentitions reflected on the OFA website soon!
August... Hummer gets his RN with another FIRST PLACE in his class for that third leg! Way to Go!
12-13 July... Oshkosh Kennel Club Obedience & Rally Trials-- Time for Rally Advanced! Ru earns 2 legs towards her title, with a 3rd place on Saturday, and a 2nd place on Sunday! Uncle Hummer was visiting in town, and he & his person decided to try Rally for a change (as he is an accomplished agility dog team with his girl), and won FIRST PLACE BOTH DAYS IN HIS CLASS FOR HIS FIRST 2 TRIES = 2 LEGS towards his RN!
19 June... Off RuthY went to Minnesota to compete in the GSDCA Amateur Maturity for the Mid-West region... AND Best in Amateur Maturity is what we came home with! National competition here we come! why not give it a shot?!? Thank you esteemed judge Gloria Birch for the win, and the GSDC of Minneapolis-St. Paul for hosting the show!
Results for 2014
October... Ruthy finishes the 2013-2014 AKC National Owner-Handled Series as #14 GSD overall, and #5 bitch! WOOT WOOT!
5 October... RuthY goes for her final leg on her Rally Novice title... and qualifies, plus worked so well she earned herself an invite to the Rally National Invitational Shows!
August... RuthY tries her first AKC shows: we thought we'd give the total dog concept a try over at AKC, and attended the Marshfield KC shows on Saturday to do so. She won BEST OF BREED, both regular and NOHS, and won NOHS HERDING GROUP 4th!!! Plus, she Qualified Both Saturday & Sunday in Rally Novice B, getting narrowly edged out of placements both days due to time. (finished 5th both days)
27-29 June... RuthY & litter brother Vincent go to the GSDCA Midwest Futurity, and associated GSDCA specialty shows-- Friday, both RuthY and Vin won 2nd place in their respective classes (12-18 months) and then each won 1st in their Amateur Futurity class.
Results for 2012-13
Oh dear... I forgot all about this page... oops!
Results for 2011
Saturday, 27 August... Wisconsin Boston Terrier Association UKC Conformation Shows: Show 1- Matthew earns his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP with a Best of Breed & a Herding Group 4th! Woo HOO!! Show 2- With a move up to a very competitive Grand Class, he wins the class and another Best of Breed; earning him a current place in the 2011 Top Ten for the moment! I am so estatic- Matthew has earned 3 TITLES in only 6 WEEKS! wow, I am humbled.
Sunday, 21 August... Marshfield Area KC AKC Rally Trials day 2: Matthew & Na-Na EARN THEIR AKC RN TITLE IN 3 TRIES FOR 3 LEGS! The 'kids' did it in style; each earning 2 placements of the 3 legs... for leg #3, both earned a placement! What a way to earn a title... and on a very difficult course! Matthew scored a 96 and 1ST PLACE, and Na-Na scored a 93 and a 3RD PLACE! Way to go JayDee's dogs! They made quite the positive mark on the attendees at these trials, as they were the only GSDs entered in their class, only one other dog was breeder/owner handled (not a GSD), and were handled by the only person showing more than one dog at these trials! I am so proud of them!
Saturday, 20 August... Marshfield Area KC AKC Rally Trials: Matthew & Na-Na both earn their Second leg towards their AKC RN Titles! This time Na-Na placed 3rd, with a score of 98!!! Matthew scored 95 (which would have been 5th place).
Friday 19 August... Wisconsin Rapids KC AKC Rally Trials: Matthew & Na-Na both earn their first leg towards their AKC RN Titles! Matthew scored a 97+ and 4th Place! Na-Na scored a very respectable 95.
August... Wisconsin Rapids KC & Marshfield Area KC are sponsoring AKC Rally Trials the 19th (WRKC), 20th & 21st (MAKC) of August at the Central Wisconsin Fairgrounds in Marshfield, WI. Matthew & Naomi will be attending all three days, in hopes of earning their Rally Novice titles with AKC in one weekend! Hope to see others there...
16 July... UGSDA shows in Lake Elmo, MN: Show/Trial 1: Matthew Qualifies with a score of 95 in Rally Obedience, earning his second leg towards his URO1 title, AND, won the Champions class *receiving his 4th leg (of 5) towards his GRCH, Best of Breed, and a Herding Group 3rd... therefore earning him HIS SECOND TOTAL DOG in less than a month!!!! WOW. Show/Trial 2: Matthew Qualifies again in Rally Obedience with a PERFECT SCORE of 100 AND A THIRD PLACE (only by time) AND HIS UNITED RALLY OBEDIENCE LEVEL ONE TITLE! YAY!! He also won Reserve Champion in the conformation show.
17-19 June... the 18th Annual UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, MI: On Friday, Matthew and Gracie BOTH QUALIFY in Rally Obedience Level 1, on their very first try, earning scores of 87 & 85 respectively. Saturday, Matthew wins the Champion Award of Merit; this win combined with his Rally Q earned him his very first TOTAL DOG QUALIFIER. Go Choo!
16 June... UWSC "national" Specialty show in conjunction with UKC's Premier: Matthew WINS the Champions Class (this being his third win towards his GRCH with a large showing!!!! Kookachoo sure seems to do well at this particular show- he was Best Male at his very first showing at 12 months, and, now, at 36 months pulled off another prestigous win! Thanks to the judge :o) See a picture of his win on his page.
9-10 April... UWSC shows in Valparaiso, IN: Matthew wins Reserve Champion show 1 both Saturday and Sunday! Gracie wins Best Female both shows, and Best of Winners show 2, with wonderful compliments from the judge on Saturday- the day she showed. Matthew also easily earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen on Saturday the 9th, being the only White Shepherd taking the CGC test.
4 April... UKC Premier Entries open! I can't wait! Entering 2 for Total Dog: Matthew, & Gracie
25-27 March... MLASC shows in Peoria, IL: Matthew earns his Championship, and also wins 2 legs toward his GRCH (out of 2 available-- doing it over the Grands; "the hard way"). Gracie wins 5 of 6 Best Novice Puppy of Breeds, and also wins a Best Puppy in Show and a Reserve Best Puppy in Show!!! "Fiona" (out of our Kyndzie, owned by Diane Massey) wins a Best of Winners and a Best of Breed & Group 4, earning 2 majors towards her Championship!
19 March... Jen is certified as an Instructor for Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross. Yay! A new class brewing... plus excited for the shows coming next weekend
17 February... JayDee's Proud-Haus Shepherds's owner, Jen Proud, is now an AKC Breeder of Merit! The Breeder of Merit Program honors breeder/exhibitors' dedication and hard work as they continue to produce dogs that are healthy, capable, and beautiful.   The foundation of today's AKC, Breeders of Merit have the power to influence, guide, and teach future breeders, exhibitors, and all purebred dog owners.
5-6 February... Matthew attends his first officially pointed UKC shows in Yorkville, IL sponsored by Kay-9 Petiquette. He wins Best Male, Best of Breed at all 3 shows; a Group 2nd (thank you judge Donna Rommelfanger), Two Group 1sts, and RESERVE & BEST IN MULTI-BREED SHOWS!!! (big thank yous to judges Richard Klatt & Jeanne Heger) Go Matthew! He now has all his major points towards his UKC Championship.
"Grace" (Rolling Oaks Goodwill at JayDee's) and "Fiona" (Rolling Oaks Fully Armed With Teeth, bred and owned by Diane & Bob Massey) each won a Best Novice Puppy. Congratulations to all!
Results for 2010
The ever amazing Lily earns her URO3 title! Sorry- hard drive crapped out and much info was lost!
Results for 2009
November... Lily earns her UKC Rally Level 2 Title 29 October... Hollie has her first litter-9 puppies~ a female will be staying here at PHS under the moniker "JayDee's Now or Never at PHS"... watch for her soon!
August... Lily earns her AKC Novice Fast Agility Title with a 1st Place for her final leg!
June 11-14... Premier 2009-- Matthew wins Best Male at the UWSC annual specialty show on Thursday-- his very first show! Hollie earns her OB1/P1 title in Dog Sport, with a 4th place in the Protection 1 class on Sunday
May...A Moment in White Shepherd History-- Lily is the FIRST WHITE SHEPHERD to earn a UKC RALLY TITLE, the RL1!!!
25 January... Lily earns her AKC RALLY EXCELLENT TITLE, the highest level of AKC Rally. Thank you and Kudos to Sarah, for doing so much with this girl!
18 January... Go Go GO my agility dog Lily!! She and Sarah placed FIRST in AKC Novice Fast, earning their second leg towards their title ! Even the Border Collie people said "you have alot of dog"! Thank you Sarah for all your hard work in developing this girl! Stay tuned for when they get her title...
Results for 2008
16 November... Lily and Sarah do it again, but this time in UKC Agility! They earned their UAG1 title in three tries, and ALL with placements! (plus a bonus run for a 4th leg with a 1st place and a perfect score) Way to go!
1 September... PHS has a new temporary home-- Welcome back to good country living in Jonesboro, AR! (can you believe it?!?) Please note our new email/contact address.
12-15 June: RESULTS...Premier Weekend... Congratulations to Saint and Diane from Rolling Oaks on Saturday's Dog Sport trial with a SECOND PLACE out of 28 entries in the FO class!!! Keeper also qualified, and placed FOURTH! Way to go White Dogs... ½ the placements to White Shepherds! In conformation on Saturday, Ceilidh went BEST OF WINNERS, on her only day showing at Premier, against lots of competition! One more major to go. 12-15 June...UWSC specialty shows and Premier... Look for Keeper in Dog Sport (for his FO) and Conformation, he's the one who will catch your eye... in or out of the rings!
3-4 May...A Huge Congratulations to Lily and Sarah for earning their APDT Rally Level 3 with an Award of Excellence (all scores above 195)!!
March...Keeper places 4th in his Rally Novice B Class! Ceilidh (Keeper's littermate) places 3rd in her Rally Novice A Class! Kyndzie (Keeper & Ceilidh's oldest sister) places 3rd in her Rally Advanced A Class! All were first tries towards their respective titles.
Way to go Proud kids!!!
2008/28-9 February... Keeper will start working towards his AKC Rally Novice title, Hollie is starting her AKC Companion Dog Title, at the Okaloosa KC in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Diane and the girls from Rolling Oaks will be competing in Rally also...
2007- Event Results and News
1 November... The Proud-Haus family relocates to Panama City Beach, FL!
14 October... Keeper, Jada and Dara are entered in UKC Conformation at Kay-9 Petiquette in Elburn, IL-- Keeper won Best of Winners both shows; he went Best of Breed (for 7 Top Ten points) and a Group 2 in his very first show- only 30 points and one major left for his Championship! Jada won a Best Female and a Reserve Best Female, only one more major win for her Championship! Dara won the Champions class in show 2, earning a leg toward her Grand!
7 October: Chloe earns her third leg and recieves her AKC Rally Advanced title in three showings!
29 September: Chloe earns her second leg towards her AKC RA.
26 August: Chloe earns her first leg towards her AKC Rally Advanced title.
14 July: Jada wins a major towards her UKC Championship with a Best of Winners; Dara wins the Champions class twice, her first showings in almost four years!
23 June: Dara returns home to the Proud Haus.
14 June: UWSC annual (national) specialty. Keeper wins Best Novice Puppy; Jada wins Reserve Best Female
15-17 June: Premier, 2007. Jada and Hollie earn their FO title in Dog Sport!!! Jada also wins a Reserve Best Female on Friday.
3 June: GSDCA Temperament Test, sponsored by Topline GSDC of IL.
Chloe and Hollie earn their TC!
25 February: The "K" Litter Arrives!! Keeper is born of this litter.
JayDee's Proud-Haus Shepherds
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