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Captured Show Moments

From our "W" Litter, Wicked Scout earns her AKC Rally Novice title at only 10 months old, all trained and handled by co-owners, Desiree & Kayla (pictured with Kayla above)

Ru's first UKC shows- she earned all 3 legs and her URO1 title, with 2 First placements (score 100, score 99), one 3rd placement (score 99) and a HIGH IN TRIAL show 2 on Saturday 15 May!

Matthew & Na-Na earning their AKC RN title at Marshfield Area KC shows. They finished their titles with both earning placements in their class! Na-Na won 3rd Place with a score of 93 and Matthew won 1st Place with a score of 96, on a very difficult course!

Matthew earning his first Total Dog Qualifier award at UKC's Premier show in June, 2011. He did it by winning the Champion Award of Merit in conformation and qualifying for his first leg in Rally Obedience. This picture will be featured in the September, 2011 issue of Bloodlines magazine. I'm a scrub and he's a goof!

Matthew earning his second Total Dog Qualifier award at the UGSDA & MMBC shows in July, 2011; only 4 weeks after his first! He did it by winning the Champions class, Best of Breed and a Herding Group 3 in conformation and qualifying for his second leg in Rally Obedience. He also completed his URO1 (United Rally Obedience level 1) title with a perfect score and a third place in Trial 2 this same day!

Bill earning his first Total Dog award at the Trail Creek DTC shows in August, 2003. He did it by winning a Group FIRST in conformation, and a Third place in Novice Obedience in the same show...

2005 Premier: Jen with Chloe, Bill and their daughter, Kyndzie at the Total Dog presentation on Sunday morning.    All three dogs were Total Dog participants, with Bill earning his second Total Dog award, by winning in Conformation, and qualifying in Dog Sport.    Both Chloe and Kyndzie also qualified in Dog Sport also.

Here's the Total Dog Qualifiers pic of Bill and me for Bloodlines magazine's September, 2005 issue.

Premier, 2006: Our 'proudest' moment in conformation showing-- Bill finishes the 2005 Top Ten as the number nine ALL-BREED dog in the entire UKC!!!   This picture appeared in the September, 2006 issue ofDog World, and, Bloodlines magazine, the official publication of the United Kennel Club.
What a way to go out on the top... Bill retired from conformation showing after Premier.

Jen, Hollie and Jada in the Total Dog parade on Sunday morning at Premier, 2007

From left to right: Jen with Hollie and Jada, and Diane, with Saint and Kyndzie, whom also participated in Total Dog at Premier. Kyndzie qualified in Conformation (but she couldn't try her performance event, due to coming into season the day Premier started!! Go figure, everyone else qual'ed at their performance event, but not in Conformation!!!)

2005 AWSA Nationals

Bill earns a Select 3 on the National Sunday

Daddy Bill (left) winning the National Stud Dog Class, with the help of progeny, Kyndzie (Bill ex Chloe; center), and Krystal (Bill ex Scout; right)

Jen with Krystal, first place in the 3-6 month puppy bitch class on National Sunday
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