JayDee's Wo Tong Ni Yiqi Qu Yongyuan,


Shay at 13 months; blowing coat AND in the ganglies!

"Shay" is a common shortening of the Hebrew name, Yesha'yahu, known to us in English as Isaiah. Shay decided he wanted to stay here with the JayDee's pack -- he has much to live up to and big shoes to fill...

Shay is a stunning young male, with a burly, large, heavy headpiece; large, dense bone; and movement like his mother, RuthY's, where you don't know whether his feet ever touch or ever leave the ground as he glides across the it with his outreaching, smooth, outstanding, truly clean coming and going, and with a pleasing side gait. He is so gentle, kind, and personable-- yet tough as nails-- traits already noticeable at only 8 weeks. He is a lovely tan and dark sable... with the best of health & genetic testing behind him plus 4 generations of "13 Club" Longevity Award dogs ahead of him -- he has the potential for a bright, healthy, & long future ahead...

...to becoming the next generation of service dog for Jen, to trial in obedience, rally, conformation, and hopefully agility like his mom & dad do, and to be another well-mannered house pet just like ALL of JayDee's are!

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